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ANC’s staff has a combined total of over 50 years in the construction industry working on a multitude of project types, budgets and timeframes. Our staff is capable of managing any of your construction-related needs. Steve, as our team leader, has the talent, experience and resources to guide your project from start to finish, to a product that everyone will take immense pride in.

We have worked on numerous projects, the majority of them grant-funded, for Tribes and communities of all sizes. We have completed projects that were FmHA grant-funded for family and elderly housing. We have experience on projects funded by, or involving, ONAP and NAHASDA. We have become adept at building within the parameters set forth by, both, HIS and Rural Development and take satisfaction in learning from each project. With our projects being, primarily, grant-funded project budgets are always tight and we do everything possible to ensure we maintain that limit.


Key Project Objectives

  • Design Build
  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Construction Management
  • Close-Out Services

Our client’s needs are a priority for us. Often times, our clients not only have to complete a project within a specific budget, but they must also adhere to a specific timeframe in order to meet funding windows. Our project delivery is unique, caters to each project and when timeframe plays a role, ANC will shuffle projects and staff as needed to ensure that your project begins and ends when you need it to.

Response Time


Whether a bid or negotiated project, ANC will ensure lower costs than our competitors. Understanding and working with our suppliers, subcontractors and design consultants allows us to be precise and detailed with project budgets. Being involved early on and providing Value Engineering when necessary, ANC makes a budget adequate enough to provide an end result you are happy with.
ANC believes that being involved from the beginning of the project is critical to its success. Having the resources to conduct feasibility studies, demographic analyses, and preliminary design analyses is vital to the outcome of the project. It is our goal to be involved in these studies in order to help our clients succeed in obtaining the most fruitful project possible.

The design phase of any project is very important, as that is when the design must match the budget. Architects, traditionally, are innovative in providing designs, but they are not estimators. Therefore, many designs do not match the budget. ANC can ensure this will not happen and that communication within the team is a high priority.

Bidding and construction is where it all begins to come together. A dream actually starts to take form and a structure is built that will eventually house a family, hold gatherings, treat the elderly and sick, provide services to tribal members, and many other uses.


We pride ourselves on the fact that we maximize employment of Native Americans on a project-by-project basis. We also utilize many Native American professional firms for assistance on our projects. It is our goal to provide the right team for the project, so we can maintain the project on schedule and within the budget.

Employing tribal members is a requirement, of all trades, on our projects. It is our goal on every project to have the tasks completed by a majority of Native American tradesman, professionals, laborers, and Native American owned firms. As a company, this is a part of our foundation and we encourage on-the-job training and first-hand experience by all interested Native Americans.

Native Involvement